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About Heart Models

The open heart surgery field is one in which procedures need to be completed quickly, while also requiring the utmost concentration from an experienced surgeon, given the high level of difficulty. That is why we developed these highly precise 3D heart models. Responding to the needs of educational training, we can help contribute to nurturing new doctors through repeated surgical practice using our highly accurate models. In certain complex cases, verifying organ cavities three dimensionally is extremely difficult. We three-dimensionalize these areas used CT scan data, allowing for various training to be carried out prior to surgery using a soft model. Moving forward, our mission is to continue development so that doctors around the world will use our products for surgical training that is highly reliable.

We offer a variety of heart and organ models to meet your needs.

  • Four Valve Model

    newFour Valve Model

    This normal adult heart model shows both the atrial and ventricular sides, making it easy to understand the valve structure.

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  • Coronary Block Model

    newCoronary Block Model

    This model shows the lumens of the left and right coronary arteries. You can clearly see the shape of the coronary arteries, and verify how catheters and other devices will behave.

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  • Normal Adult Model

    Normal Adult Model


    After listening to the needs of those in the medical field, this heart model works to achieve an accurate degree of reproducibility using soft material.

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  • Cardio Model E.V.

    Cardio Model E.V.


    This Hands-On Model allows for manual verification of the organ interior structuring for use in educational training.

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  • Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model

    Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model


    The Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model is made with flexible material. This product series captures four of the main pediatric congenital heart diseases.

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  • Pulsating CARDIO Simulator

    Pulsating 3D Model Coronary Bypass Training System


    The Pulsating Heart Model is a 3D model fitted with a pulsation device.

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  • Surgical Training Model

    Surgery Training Model


    The world’s first organ model for practical and easy surgical training in a dry environment.

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  • Other Organ Models

    Order Made Models


    We can create transparent models, soft models, hard models, and models of other body parts.

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Learn more about crossMedical

In addition to manufacturing and selling the CARDIO Simulator, crossMedical provides prototypes for the medical industry, creating various models and medical device prototypes. We are now endeavoring on a project to more fully utilize our heart models in the medical field.

Company Profile

crossMedical Company Profile

Displaying the latest news and company profile for crossMedical.

Medical Prototypes

Medical Prototypes

With the CARDIO Simulator as just one example, we provide various prototypes for the medical field.

CARDIO Simulator Project

CARDIO Simulator Project

Working to decrease risks for the patient and doctor, while shortening operation time and maximizing success rates. This year marks the start of our proactive work with AMED.

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