of the 2013 Good Design Award

Cardio Simulator

Working to accommodate successful surgeries and reduce procedure time,
while minimizing risk to the doctor and patient.

The Cardio Simulator Project is an R&D project to develop 3D heart models using CT data for use in medical and educational institutions. In addition to our standard training model, we are developing made to order Cardio Simulators for individual patients, and Pulsating Simulators for coronary anastomosis training.

Cardiovascular surgeries require completion within a short period, and with the high degree of difficulty, surgery tends to be performed only by the most skilled surgeons. Therefore, the development of a highly precise 3D heart model contributes to the growth of many beginning doctors, who can repeatedly practice surgery on a model with high reproducibility.

We are proud to provide heart lumens with the highest degree of reproducibility in the world. The project has been praised for its high technical skill and impact and took the BEST 100 award at the 2013 Good Design Awards. Furthermore, the Surgery Training Model we developed as part of the same project won the 2017 Good Design Award as well.

Cardio Simulator Project
Good Design Award Product Group

  • Regular Adult Model

    Regular Adult Model


    This 3D heart training model combines a high degree of reproducibility, using soft material to support the needs of medical field.

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  • Cardio Model E.V.

    Cardio Model E.V.


    As an educational tool, this hands-on model allows for physical verification of the heart’s inner structuring.

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  • Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model

    Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model


    Our Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Model is made from soft material. This product series consists of four leading congenital pediatric heart diseases.

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  • Pulsating Cardio Simulator

    3D Cardio Pulsating Type Training System for Coronary Artery Anastomosis


    This is our Pulsating Heart Model, which is a 3D heart model equipped with a pulsation device.

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  • Surgical Trainging Model

    Surgery Training Model


    This is the world’s first organ model allowing for practical and simple surgical training in a dry environment.

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  • Other Organ Models

    Made to Order Model


    We can create transparent models, soft models, hard models, and other body parts as well.

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Cardio Simulator Project Additional Awards

Award Name Presenter Award Target
2011 Kyoto SME Technology Awards Kyoto Prefecture Made to Order Precision Organ Simulator with High Reproducibility
2013 Kansai Monodzukuri Shinsen Kinki Bureau of Economy Precision Organ Simulator with High Reproducibility
2012 MEXT Creativity Innovation and Achievement Award Ministry of Education Development of Made to Order, Quick Turnaround Precision Organ Simulator
The 5th Annual Monodzukuri Japan Grand Award Prime Minister Prize METI, Etc. Precision Organ Simulator with High Reproducibility
Monodzukuri Japan Prize, Prime Minister’s Prize

About the Monodzukuri Japan Grand Award

The Monodzukuri Japan Grand Award is a prime minister’s award that was established in August 2005 by METI, MEXT, the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. The awards are held once every two years. The awards honor those who are recognized to be of special standing in working to contribute to the development of industry and culture in Japan, which benefits a prosperous lifestyle for the nation. The prize is awarded to those recognized as being at the top of their respective fields.

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