CARDIO Simulator® Project

Working to decrease risks for the patient and doctor, while shortening operation time and maximizing success rates.

Using DICOM Data*and stereolithography molds, we three-dimensionalize this special type of heart model using flexible material. Realistically reproduces the affected areas, from the surface to the interior. We are developing products that can be sutured and cut with real scalpels as pre-surgery simulation.
*DICOM is the world’s standard data format output from the CT scanner.

Our mission is to contribute to saving lives, developing and popularizing CARDIO Simulators that increase heart surgery success rates for the patient.
For the patient: We aim to increase the success rate of surgery by having surgeons conduct pre-surgery simulations using the product.
For the doctor: By quickly providing a CARDIO Simulator that reproduces a diseased patient’s heart extreme precision, we aim to allow doctors to carry out simulations prior to surgery in order to reduce the burden to the patient.
・To increase success rates of the world’s most difficult heart surgeries.
・To popularize the CARDIO Simulator in order to lead to new technological developments.
Starting with the Pediatric CARDIO Simulator

Starting with the Pediatric CARDIO Simulator

We hope our highly precise CARDIO Simulators will be used for pre-operative simulation in surgical procedures for pediatric congenital heart diseases. In 2009 we assembled a company project team after receiving a request from Dr. Isao Shiraishi at the National Cardiovascular Center’s Children’s Cardiovascular Division. Presently we are working to develop technology and manufacture precise and realistic Pediatric CARDIO Simulators based on DICOM data for individual patients.

View Various CARDIO Simulators

View Various CARDIO Simulators

Moving forward, with the goal of increasing surgery success rates and shortening organ surgery time despite the precision technology required, we are advancing with development of various organ models that are difficult to ensure realistic reproducibility.

Selected as an AMED project

Selected as an AMED project

Our company was selected* as a Medical Industry Collaborative Venture (Development/Commercialization Venture), allowing us to develop a flexible heart model for use in pre-surgery simulation. We are conducting research in the hopes of making large contributions to the medical field, shortening operation time, decreasing risk, and increasing success rates for highly difficult heart surgeries.

*Medical Industry Collaborative Venture
A project working to develop and commercialize medical devices to support the needs of the medical field, encouraging collaborative and shared work with medical institutions, and new entrants into the medical device field (such as SMEs and start-ups with advanced manufacturing technology).

National Cardiovascular Center
Children’s Cardiovascular Division
Director Isao Shiraishi

Research Areas
Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Cardiovascular Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Research Theme
3D Image Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease, General Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiogenesis, Molecular Cardiovascular Pathology (Signaling Regenerative Medicine), Cardiopathology