crossMedical’s Strengths


crossMedical’s Medical Prototypes

We provide various prototypes for the medical field. Our ultra precise organ models can be used for evaluation and development of medical devices, for promotional purposes, and more. crossEffect is contributing to the medical field with tremendous speed.

  • Planning & Concept

    We will consult with you to develop a prototype based on the target patient, etc. We can provide one-stop comprehensive service to support everything from design to mass production.

  • Design

    We can carry out design with hand-drawn sketches, or even without any design mock ups. You don’t need any specialized knowledge. We will produce a design that firmly captures your specific needs.

  • Prototyping & Evaluation

    In addition to prototyping the exterior appearance, we can also prototype interior structures and control systems. We are equipped with the necessary system to develop medical devices that combine various technologies.

  • Promotion

    We provide promotional support to commercialize the developed equipment, starting with mock-up models or use at exhibitions and conferences.

  • Mass Production

    For those needed small quantities of various products, or need an initial lot when a production order is not on time, we can provide quick turnaround using injection molding and stereolithography methods.

CARDIO Simulator and Other Highly Precise Prototypes

Precise Manufacturing Possible Based on CT Scan Data

1. Precise Manufacturing Possible Based on CT Scan Data

We can manufacture models that are nearly identical to the actual organ, accurately extracting the targeted area from the CT scan data.

Products Manufactured Using Ultra Soft Resin that Resembles Human Tissue

2. Products Manufactured Using Ultra Soft Resin that Resembles Human Tissue

This unique ultra soft resin allows for manual interior examination, and making incisions with an actual scalpel. We contribute widely to the medical field, providing models not only for educational use, but for surgical training and more.

Ground Up Production Possible

3. Ground Up Production Possible

We have the knowledge and experience to develop a product from the ground up while listening to the customers’ needs. Let us create your prototypes for never-seen-before medical devices and difficult-looking organ models.

Preservation Technology for Medical Device Development

Stereolithography, Vacuum Casting, Photolithography

Stereolithography, Vacuum Casting, Photolithography

Highly accurate 3D data is created using CT data. Stereolithography and silicone resin are used to create a master mold. An organ model using ultra soft resin is manufactured through a vacuum casting method. We can produce models of various other organs in addition to the heart. We use photolithography technology for medical device prototypes, which demand a high degree of durability.

Rapid Design Service

Rapid Design Service

Our Rapid Design Service is a design and mock-up service that realizes the customers needs in the quickest time possible. We quickly create the product that the customer imagines, creating extra time to spare in the development process. We provide a stress-free, smooth development and design environment.

Evaluation Via CT Scan

Evaluation Via CT Scan

We use the METROTOM 800 180kv high precision X-Ray CT 3D measuring device by German company Carl Zeiss. We offer non-contact inspection of interior structuring and verification of medical devices that require a high degree of precision.