3D Heart Pulsating Model Coronary Bypass
Training System

XC-01TP Regular Adult Pulsating Model

The Pulsating Heart Model is equipped with a pulsation device to support doctors working to improve their skills anatomizing coronary arteries.

Product Introduction

This hybrid piece combines the precision of our heart model (made from soft materials) with a pulsation device. Coronary bypass surgical training can now be conducted in a dry lab environment. The coronary artery part is disposable, allowing for repeated training.

Product Information

Cardio Model E.V. XC-03T (Red Model)
[Heart Specifications]
Dimension: 160 mm Width × 200 mm Height × 160 mm Depth (Adult Male Actual Size Large) Material: Urethane Color Tone: Red Reproduction Site: Right Ventricle · Left Ventricle / Right Atrium · Left Atrium / Coronary Artery · Coronary Vein / Aorta / Superior · Inferior Vena Cava / Pulmonary Vein (Coronary Artery Disposable Type)
[Device Specifications]
Dimensions: 510 mm Width × 950 Height to 1150 mm × 510 mm Depth Exterior: Resin Color Tone: White Main Structure: Compressor / Liquid Crystal Monitor / Caster, Etc.
Heart Part: Isao Shiraishi of the Research and Development Initiative Center
Device: Hitoshi Yaku of the Cardiovascular Surgery School at the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Introduction of Each Specification

  • Introduction of Each Specification

This product won the 2013 Good Design Award.

The Cardio Simulator Project is an R&D project to develop 3D heart models using CT data
for use in medical and educational institutions.
The project has been praised for its high technical skill and impact
and took the BEST 100 award at the 2013 Good Design Awards.

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Pursuing Two Areas of Realism:
Reproducing Both the Heart and its Pulsation Function

Reproducing the pulsation of the heart
makes it possible to carry out training for off-pump coronary artery anastomosis.
This device increases the otherwise limited opportunities for surgical training,
leading to improvements among beginning doctors.