Made to Order Model

Realistically Reproducing Various Parts

We create 3D models of various parts based on CT data provided by the customer.
We create highly precise models with quick turnaround, and provide support for specific data processing,
including the ability to add/omit necessary/unnecessary parts.

Ordering a Made to Order Model

  • Imaging via CT Scan

    1. Imaging via CT Scan

    DICOM data is created via CT scan imaging.

  • 3D Data Creation

    2. 3D Data Creation

    3D data of the organ is created based on the DICOM data.

  • Verification with the Customer

    3. Verification with the Customer

    The created 3D data is verified with the customer (confirmation).

  • SLA Creation

    4. SLA Creation

    Master mold created with SLA.

  • Pouring of special resin and mold

    5. Pouring of special resin and mold.

    A special mold is created that can express the complex shapes of organ cavities.

  • Completion of Organ Model

    6. Completion of Organ Model

    Made to order model is completed. (Patent pending)

We create models of
various body parts.

Click on the sample photos to view a slide show. We can also create other parts not shown here.

This product won the 2013 Good Design Award.

The Cardio Simulator Project is an R&D project to develop 3D heart models using CT data
for use in medical and educational institutions.
The project has been praised for its high technical skill and impact
and took the BEST 100 award at the 2013 Good Design Awards.

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We are comfortable producing
any part.

We produce flexible heart models with the most complex structuring in the human body.
We are comfortable producing various human body parts upon receiving the CT scan data.
In addition to our standard model, we also offer models that reproduce specific diseases, colored models, and special material models.
We create heart models to fulfill your various conditions, which can be used for surgical training or medical device R&D.
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