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Normal adult model

T-Model/red price US$2,750 The Cardio Simulator based on first-hand medical experience that offers true “reproducibility” using “soft materials”
●Product type: Standard model ●Size: W160mm×H200mm×D160mm ●Material: Soft urethane ●Reproduced sections: (external & luminal surfaces) right atrium, left atrium / right ventricle, left ventricle / aorta /superior & inferior vena cava / pulmonary vein / coronary artery, veins (luminal) mitral valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve, pulmonary valve / papillary muscle / coronary sinus
●Created based on standard male adult data. ●Material alteration of a specific section, specification of disorder, and various other customizations based on the standard model are also possible. ●Orders from one unit up (built upon when order is received)
【Example of Applications】
●Educational tool for novice surgeons ●Dry-lab use in place of wet-lab.
Isao Shiraishi, M.D. / Director, Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

These models can be used…   for coronary artery bypass surgery training.   for catheter insertion training.   as a wet lab model.   as a training model for inexperienced doctors and surgeons.
  • ・Specifications in accordance with standard data (for an adult male).
  • ・We are preparing models that better reproduce the coronary sinus (CS).
  • ・Individual simulators (made-to-order) are available.
  • ・We plan to increase our lineup to about 20 models of different diseases.
  • We can also handle changes in materials for specific sites based on the standard model and specification modifications, e.g. specifying a certain disease.

On the cardiac surgery field, the surgeon faces with the problem of performing delicate, precise, and difficult tasks in the shortest possible amount of time.

Answering the call of young doctors who have been in need of a highly precise 3D heart model, we believe that our model will improve the learning curve as well as the overall skill level of physicians who train with it in mock surgical procedures.

Although standard practice in the past, the use of pig hearts in wet labs can be a significant expense while also necessitating a location and lab set up specifically for the purpose of training. In addition, due to social trends and changes, the use of animals for medical training will become much less common and possibly be eliminated in the future.

But, through the use of our training models, a “dry lab” can be created at a minimal cost. With the ability to create such a lab in virtually any location or room, an excellent training opportunity can be provided in a way never before imagined.

*Dissection of a pig heart

Our goal is to achieve the most precise, realistic model possible.

Seeking to provide Cardio Simulators (3D models) with greater reproducibility.

Our standard model is the perfect teaching aid.
More precise and realistic then ant other models used in the past.
We continue our development process in our quest to create the ultimate 3D heart model.




A model designed for those with the needs to see the interior of the heart. Great for those seeking to practice catheter insertion and manipulation.

In the same color as our XC-01T model, this model was created based on the data of a healthy, adult male. By using a standard model as a base but changing materials slightly and adjusting the model to reflect different heart conditions, the possibilities for our models are virtually endless. Order size for such customized models can be as little as one, single model.

Price:$2,859.99 + shipping & handling(USD)

other model

We also supply products other than the standard model.
fully made-to-order model

Primarily for use in checking and verifying details inside the heart, a complete, order-made, custom heart model based on original DICOM data can be created in just 10 days.
* Depending on data quality production time may vary.
** DICOM = A worldwide standard format for CT scanner generated data.

Custom Model

Models can be tailor made depending on the client's needs to create a "customized" model based on one of our standards. Example: Pulsating model (used for coronary bypass training) etc.

Organ simulators

Organ simulators

  • Please feel free to ask us
    about 3D models of organs other than the heart.
Please contact us for further details
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