Rapid Prototyping
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Normal adult model T-model

Normal adult model T-model
The Organ Models is based on real data and relies on medical counsel to offer true reproducibility using soft materials.
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Normal adult model Cardio Model E.V.

Easy and affordable online purchasing
The Cardio Model E.V. is anatomically correct and comes pre-cut for easy examination. It is 10% smaller than the T-Model and is available at a very affordable price.
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Custom models

Custom models
Fully custom, transparent, and hard models also available.
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Other organ models also available

Other organ models also available
Liver, lung, intestinal and other models also available. Please contact us for more information.
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Cardio Model E.V. video

  • A short video demonstration of the device.

Recent News

We displayed our heart models at the 53rd Annual meeting of Japanese society of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery symposium from July 7th to 9th.

And our surgery training model (TGA) was used at the seminar.

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The article on our business was published in the magazine. "The FACTA" .
The article on our heart simulator was published in the Yomiuri news paper.